Optimum Equipment hydraulic excavator rental

Hydraulic Excavators

Previous Next Our excavators range in all sizes from 5 tonne up to 80 tonne machines. Our excavator brands include Komatsu, John Deere and CAT, ensuring dealer support is nearby wherever you are working. Many of our excavators have GPS capabilities. Excavators attachments include (but are not limited to): Hoe Packs Ripper Shanks Digging and […]
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Optimum Equipment crawler tractor rental

Crawler Tractors

Previous Next Our Dozers range in sizes, from John Deere 450’s up to CAT D10’s including both narrow pad and LGP John Deere and CAT models. Many of our Dozers have GPS capabilities. A wide variety of dozer blades and attachments are available, including (but not limited to): 6-Way BladesAngle BladesU-BladesStraight BladesRippersRipper BoxesWinches Share: Share […]
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Hydraulic rock truck rentals

Hydraulic Rock Trucks

Previous Next Our rock trucks are all equipped with wide tires and include 25, 30, and 40-tonne machines. Our rock trucks can be equipped with tailgates and box heaters as required. Share: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Menu Hydraulic Excavators Crawler Tractors Hydraulic Rock Trucks Motor Graders Wheel […]
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Optimum Equipment wheel loader rentals

Wheel Loaders

Previous Next We offer loaders in various sizes and brands: John Deere’s range from 524K’s up to 824K’s Komatsu’s range from WA320’s to WA500’s 972M CAT loaders Many of our loaders operate with quick attach couplers and can be equipped with Forks, Grapple Forks and Spoons Share: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter […]
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Optimum Equipment motor grader rentals

Motor Graders

Previous Next Our motor graders consist of CATs (from 120H up to 16M’s) and John Deeres (multiple 872 JD graders). Our graders can be equipped with Side Wings, Front Plows, Sandvics, Iceblades or straight blades to meet any job requirements. Many of our motor graders have GPS capabilities. Share: Share on facebook Facebook Share on […]
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Optimum Equipment farm equipment

Farm Equipment

We have a large supply of farm equipment equipped for construction and reclamation requirements. Our farm tractors range from small 100 horse tractors up to large 485 Quadtracs (predominantly John Deere and Case). A wide variety of tractor attachments are available, including but not limited to: Breaking Discs (210-600 sizes) Finishing Discs Cultivators Rotospikes Box […]
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Optimum Equipment padfoot packer rental

Compaction Equipment

Previous Next Compaction equipment is essential to any construction job, and we can provide whatever you may be looking for, including:  815 Wheel Compactors 84” Smooth Drum and Padfoot Packers 60” Smooth Drum and Padfoot Packers Double Drum Packers Self-Propelled Wobblies Pull Behind Wobblies  Our packers include various models from various brands, including CAT, Bomag, […]
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Optimum Equipment miscellaneous equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

Previous Next Along with all this heavy equipment, we offer a large list of miscellaneous equipment to meet all construction site needs, including but not limited to: ATV’s and Side–by–Sides Skidsteers Power Sweepers Various sizes of Trash and Water Pumps (up to 10 inches) Utility Trailers and Dump Trailers Gensets and Light Plants Crushing Equipment […]
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